EZ Stars APK [Part 34] Download Latest (2023)

Are you a fan of EZ Hunter FC App? Do you like Skins and other features that it offers? If yes, then you surely like this EZ Stars APK which is developed by the same developer and has similar features on both the tools. Undoubtedly, this app also gonna be the best injector in our modding tools category for Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang!

As per my experience with the Mobile Legends, this is the best non-boring game even after playing for hours. You will gain a lot more interest when you know about the character’s history and skills of them. Also, you have to master at least one of the hero either free or paid one to get some kills and then only you can pave a road to the victory.

There is no denying fact that the outfits of the heroes give a new cooler look as well some skills, effects (animations and sound). So, with our EZ Stars App, one can avail new features and tweaks in the game for free. However, you can show off the paid features in front friends that are only purchased via Diamonds and Gold Coins.

That means, this tool helps you to benefit of something in a safe way without spending money from your pocket. What are you waiting for? Get the official EZ Stars APK from our download page and then apply desired options on Mobile Legends.


What is EZ Stars APK?

EZ Stars APK is the latest updated version from the EZ Hunter FC developer that doesn’t mean he no longer supports his previous build. Well, EZ Stars App has a lot of features including a vast collection of mobile legends characters skins, custom backgrounds for different locations, and battle effects. These are enough for almost all gamers out there.

It is developed by Heru, and he is from Indonesia. So, he added two languages one is Indonesian, and another is English for the rest of the world. These are mainly for reading the latest notifications from the developer in the dashboard of the app.

Apps work only when you have a working internet connection, and it has to download files from the dedicated server. So, to maintain the server costs, you should have to contribute us through YouTube channel.

Version info

NameEZ Stars
VersionPart 34
Size10 MB
Last updatedJanuary 01, 2023

Download EZ Stars APK Latest Official Version for Mobile Legends

The app is small in size and supported to all android devices which are running with android 4.0 or above. The best thing is, it doesn’t take many resources from your device and super lite tool for Mobile legends game.

We have given latest official EZ Stars APK for android devices below. This page will be updated woth the newly working build and password when the developer pushes build to the public. Also, we receive the beta builds from him as we are connected to him in one or another way.

No Password

Developers another tool: EZ Hunter FC APK Latest Version for Android

As the password is the crucial thing to access the app, we thoroughly update it according to the latest version. Keep checking this page to get the working password.

ML Skins


Many of the heroes skins are beautiful and elegant in style, especially when it comes to the female heroes. Here, EZ Stars app we unlocked most popular character skins such as Lightborn, Elite, Zodiac, Special, EPIC, Star and more.

These are all genuinely purchased by our team or sometimes we took from our subscribers who are good at extracting them from their device. Also, we are going to add new skin that re exclusively released by the Moonton.

So, without any doubt you can go for our EZ Stars App for all your ML Skins needs. Well coded app that are getting more often updates from the developer.

Supporting for all character types such as Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank and Fighter.



Got bored of seeing default backgrounds? We have got you covered in this section too, we provide different background images to particular places in the game. Support for lobby screen, profile and loading. This might help you to get fresh look in those places.

Set a new image to the analog. Indeed, you should have to buy them if you want to make a new look to the analog controller. Here we provide a few analog styles for heroes like Gord, Alucard, Saber, and Miya. More you can explore in the tool.

Get map skins with EZ Stars App. Currently, tool offers, Celestial palace, Breathe of spring, Empire, Necrokeep, and Machine shop.

Theme option which you can add in the home screen that is where you choose maps and settings. These are completely custom made.

Battle Effects


The effects or the animations that are can be seen while playing the game. We offer plenty of those and read them from below.

Recall Effects – Added recalls according to the hero. So, choose recall from the menu which is suitable to your favourite hero.

Elimination – We have unlocked some of the best-paid elimination effects. Just check them out.

Spawn Effects – The animation will appear when you land on the map. Change to whatever you want with the EZ Stars tool.

Notification – Change notification effects that you can see in the game play.

Emotes – Get some cool emotes to use to communicate with the other players o your team. It let you express your emotion.

Backup available for many of the features.

How to Install EZ Stars APK on Android?

Step 1. Download EZ Stars APK latest version from our official download page.

Step 2. Now, there is is a downloading notification appear in the status bar. Wait till its done.

Step 3. Navigate to the file manager app and open it.

Step 4. Search for the APK file, and tap on it.

Step 5. Allow from this source option. This is a security setting that only prompts up when try to install APK files.

Step 6. Enable the setting and Install EZ Stars APK on your smart android device.


Step 7. Now, open and enter the password.

Explore its features.

How to Use?

Step 1. Open the app.

Step 2. Choose the options (All skin, Background and Effect battle)

Step 3. Go through the selected option.

Step 4. There you can pick any of the feature.


Step 5. I want to unlock spawn effects, so selecting spawn.

Step 6. Tap on any Spawn effect and wait. It will be downloaded and injected to the ML folders.

Final Words

EZ Stars App comes with the anti-ban codes, and that will help you to save your Moonton account even you tweak the files. The most important thing is; use this tool whenever you required. Don’t overuse its features. It’s a caution from us.

Overall another the best tool from Heru. I appreciate his efforts towards the Mobile Legends community.

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