Top 5 Mobile Legends Female Characters in 2022


There are female characters in Mobile Legends that have been ignored and underrated. They, however, tend to carry immense power and the following are the top five female characters in mobile legends.


Freya is one of the most popular and favored female fighters on Mobile Legends. She is a deadly fighter hero with exemplary ability effects and damage inflicted. She processes superior abilities like Valkyrie state that deals a high physical damage. 

Godspeed strike ability allows Freya to enhance her attack speed dealing more damage. Her wings of faith ability enable her to jump to a specific area and deal damage to opposers. Finally, her Spirit contact ability generates powerful orbs that allow her to move faster and deal maximum damage. She is indeed a spectacular female hero.


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and Esmeralda is no exception when it comes to having the looks. However, don’t be fooled by the sweetness because she packs a powerful punch is Mobile Legends. Esmeralda is has a Stardust dance ability that deal a heavy deal of physical damage to enemies. Her Starmoon casket is a death wish for many enemies as it packs huge physical attacks and enhances her defenses.

The Frostmoon shield ability generates many shield points allowing her to protect herself while increasing the movement speed. Lastly, her falling starmoon enhances her two weapons with the power of Astrospace. She is an amazing fighter and one of the best additions to your collection of heroes.


If you’d wish to climb ranks easier, then Hanabi may just be your type of female hero. Her Soul scroll allows her to fire energy scrolls towards the designated area and slowing down enemies.  The Forbidden Jutsu ability enables her to throw Hgganbana  towards the target direction and inflict damage the enemies.

Her Petal Barrage ability enables her to deal heavy physical damage to enemies nearby. For some female action, Hanabi is one of the best options up for consideration. Her agile strength and immense power abilities make her one of the most effective character on Mobile Legends.


She is a swan princess who rules over a kingdom with her skillful command of her power. Every time she uses one of her powerful skills, her basic attacks enables a bonus sound wave that deal immense physical damage. Her abilities include the Avian Authority that allows her to summon a swan that can attack nearby enemies.

The Blue Nova helps her fire magic energy balls and inflicting heavy damage while the Swan Song lets her gather enough energy to deal with continuous magical damage to enemies. The Lakeshore Ambience facilitates the sound wave skills that deal high magic damage. Odette is an exemplary female fighter who never disappoints.


She is a mage with immense power and has the following abilities. Straight Pulse and Chaos Assault that deal heavy magic damage together with Cosmic confusion, power of order brilliance as well as of chaos darkening. She is a powerful character with amazing fighting skills.

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