Top 5 Fastest MARKSMAN in Mobile Legends


What’s your definition of fast when gaming? How long do you think you can last before slaying a boss from a difficult level in your game? When it comes to Mobile legends, there are usually two contested and neutral monsters that have proven to be tough for anyone to conquer without magic. One of these monsters is known as Lord and requires special skills as well as strategies to take down because once you do, Marksman will help the team fight its opponents.

The process of defeating Lord, is however, not a simple one. He packs a high HP of 28,000. That’s not even the impressive part because this HP continues to increase over time. If you think your hero is safe behind a shield, then you’re in for a shock because Lord’s True Damage ability penetrates the toughest of shields around buildings. Imagine what it can do to a mere character made of pixels and codes.

You stand at a better chance to try and beat Lord at level 8 or 9, however, these levels are prone to attacks and capture by the enemy.  The higher the level the better gear and skills you acquire for taking down Lord. The sooner you beat him though, the better and more chances your team has to achieve its objective.

For this reason, there are a number of heroes who have proved without a doubt, to be successful in defeating the Lord in a matter of seconds without using any powers or abilities. These individuals were given a specific type of item all through and put to the test without any spells to assist them. The following is a list of fastest marksman heroes who would definitely take your team closer to its objectives by defeating Lord quicker than others.

Victory under 5 sec.

Well, all of the following marksman heroes managed to do what others found difficult in under 5 seconds.

NameTime in sec
Kupa & Popol4.74


Moskov is a spear-throwing marksman with immense power and exceptional attack skills and abilities. He is a very powerful input that would turn the tables for any failing team.


This marksman is specialized in combat arenas and comes equipped with burst and Pole skills. His offense I off the charts giving your team an amazing advantage.

Kupa & Popol

The dynamic duo. The two consist of a female fighter, Popol and her beast Kupa. They are tone of the most ferocious team to roam the game and can bring chaos to your enemies.


Who would’ve thought that football would be a weapon against your enemies. However, that entirely depends on the handler and Bruno is an exceptional marksman with a reap speciality designed to take down the boss in a matter of seconds.


Don’t let the beauty fool you because the offensive abilities on this woman are very impressive. Her marksman abilities include Turbo, Fission Shot, Rain of Arrows, and Turbo Stealth making her a dangerous weapon against the big man himself, Lord.

Each of the marksman characters were put through accurate time frames and equipped with the same item. The above characters beat the odds and in under 5 seconds making a record-breaking achievement in the game. The likes of Kupa and Popol are known for their warrior-like fighting abilities and are known as the ferocious duo. It comes as no surprise to see their names among the top in the list above because they have proven to possess immense strength in the game-plays.

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