Ngulik ML Injector APK 8.0 Download Latest Version (2023)

Players from around the world adore Mobile Legends as one of the most successful MOBA games designed for Android devices. The epic battles between legendary heroes are just a start of the excitement one is to expect when playing this game. However, you are limited to accessing some of the awesome features, like skins and effects, for free and, thus, creating the need for apps like Ngulik ML Injector.


What is Ngulik ML Injector?

The Ngulik Mobile Injector is a tool designed for Mobile Legends – Bang! Bang! which offers players the opportunity to unlock all skins, drone map, change their analog and background, add effects and so much more. If you were to try and tweak the game to your favour when digging for these features, you risk getting caught and banned, therefore, you need Ngulik ML Injector to help prevent such misfortunes.

Version Info

NameNgulik ML Injector
Size22 Mb
DeveloperBahran Kemal
Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download Ngulik ML Injector Latest Version for Android

The satisfaction of acquiring all the skins designed for your heroes is unmatched because you get to battle your enemies in style. Also, the extra features that you wouldn’t get from the official version of the game make your gameplay experience a hell of a lot better.

For these reasons, you are advised to download the Ngulik ML Injector using the link below because it’s not available on Google Play Store. No longer do you need to pay for features or struggle to get far ahead in the game only to unlock a few of them because the tool does everything for you in a safe and secure way.

No Password


This tool features are more when compared with our Aneh Gaming Injector but lack in providing plenty of hero skins. Also, we are advised to use Ngulik Tool only when you really needed to prevent system-wide bans.

Unlock Skins for Free

Using Ngulik ML Injector, you would not only be capable of unlocking the latest skins but every other attire designed for a specific character free of charge. Say goodbye to spending your saving on games with apps like Ngulik at your disposal.

  • Fighter
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Support
  • Marksman
  • Tank


One of the worst feelings for any player online is getting a notice of restriction from the game whereby they are banned. Perhaps you simply used plugins/scripts to add extra features to the monotonous game-play just to make it livelier. However, with the Ngulik Injector app, you would be subjected to no bans because the app allows you to inject all the skins and features into the game for free without being dictated.

All Drone Map


With the Ngulik ML Injector, you get to unlock all the drone map view for better gaming experience and view while battling it out against opponents. The Drone Map view allows you to get a better detection of the enemies around you on the map putting you at a better fighting and victory advantage. You can inject the drone for brawl and drone map views from as low as 1.5x all the way to 7x view.

All Backgrounds

Eventually, we all get tired of seeing the same in-game background in the lobby. Everyone wants a taste of something new and exquisite that would have them marvel at the visuals of the game every time they start the app. However, with the original version of the game, you are limited when it comes to changing the backgrounds, but with Ngulik Injector, you get an opportunity to break these limits and change to whichever background you so desire.

Change Border

Border frames come in many designs and are used to encase the images of heroes just like in any other game. However, to get the most exquisite and eye-catching designs, you may have to play the game for a while before unlocking a few of them. The ML Injector allows you to change the border to whichever design you desire for free.

Change Analog

Change the monotonous design of the in-game analogue controller into a design that’s more exciting to use every time. The Ngulik Injector APK allows you to unlock and inject awesome analog designs that are unique and attractive to any player. There is a new fire analog that looks like a ring of fire which improves the gameplay experience of your battles. Other analogs even have characters in them making them look cool and your game even interesting.

Inject effects

If you depend on the normal app gameplay for effects without an injector, it might take you a while to unlock various effects such as recall, elimination, and battle kill. Furthermore, the effects may only be temporary as they tend to last for about 30 days.

However, with Ngulik ML Injector, you can inject all these effects for free and use them at your pleasure without any expiry periods or deadlines.

We have another app known as Mobile Layla which provides the effects and you can download from here if you want to try.

How to Unlock Mobile Legend Skins using NGULIK ML?

Step 1. The first thing you have to do is download Ngulik ML Injector APK from our download page.

Step 2. Now, you access the downloaded file through any file manager.

Step 3. Once you get the path, tap on the APK file.

Step 4. For new users who didn’t install apps in this way may get a popup message. Go to the settings and toggle allow this source option.

Step 5. Now, back to the same folder and install NGULIK ML Injector APK on your android device.


Step 6. Open it and grant the storage permission.

Step 7. Then, select All Skin option.


Step 8. Now select character type.

Step 9. There you can see all the available outfits.


Step 10. Tap on the item you want and wait until injection completes.

Final words

If you’re looking forward to enjoying Mobile Legends from a whole different and awesome perspective, you should download the Ngulik ML Injector today and get full access to all the best features for the game. This tool serves as a more promising injector as compares to others because not only does it provide more features, but it’s also trusted and recommended by a number of viable gaming sources online.

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