MarJoTeCH PH APK v1.5 Download Latest (Official) 2023

If you are looking for all in a tool for Mobile Legends from Skins to Rank Booster, then you can download MarJoTeCH PH APK without any doubt. It has all the features that one can’t refuse to utilise for their next game. In my case, this is the top app among all tools that were published on our site. Yes, it seems a lot better than our own Injector.

Coming to the Mobile Legends, It is a beautiful game with amazing controlled characters. You will be amazed when you see the animations and graphics stuff on the battlefield. I really love this MLBB in the category of MOBA and especially in RPGs.

Player only gets a great experience if they claimed the right character with the right skin. Yes, mastering character is very important in these kinda games. If you are a starter or noob, then you must check out the rank booster feature to win the game.

Also, improvise the gaming experience with MarJoTeCH PH visual tweaks. Okey, without any further ado, let’s get into the article.


What is MarJoTeCH PH APK?

MarJoTeCH PH APK is the latest tweaking tool to lets you have cool features in the Mobile legends game. It has a decent collection of mods that are completely safe to use, and ultimately your moonton account going to be safe even you use them.

It is developed by a YouTuber named MarJo from the Philippines. Why did he build this Tool? Because his users are mostly gaming-centric people and asked him to make a useful tool that can be used to win the game. Then he contacted other android developers and took help from them to make this awesome MarJoTeCH PH app.

He added many features, such as Recall effects, Emotes, Border, Spawn Effects, Analog style. ML Skins, Elimination effects, backgrounds and rank Booster. These are more than enough to win the game with your friends.

Version Info

NameMarJoTeCH PH
Size14 MB
Last updated onJune 08, 2023

Download Official MarJoTeCH PH APK Latest Version for Android

This Tool includes battle points hack that can give you 10% more than you get in general. This is a kinda cool feature and also, what amazes me is the rank booster feature in the MarJoTeCH PH Application. Insane option to make you stand out in the battleground with tricks.

Well, download the official apk from our site. We are popularly known as MLBB cheats producers. However, that means you only get official and working tools from our site.

Password: deducted

Please copy the password before downloading the apk file. Also, we updated this password which is assigned to the new build. With this only, you will be able to access the cheats and mods in the tool.

Rank Booster


Improve your current rank in a safe way by using the options available in the MARJOTECH PH app. It is powered by Rank Booster X Code VIP. So, you gonna get decent mods to make use of. Below we have listed them. Kindly read.

  • Enemy Lag
  • Mage 10%
  • Level 5%
  • Farm 2%

Enemy lag is the perfect option for noobers who are actually beginners. Once you enable this, your opponent gets to see some lags in the game, and that will help you to defeat them easily.

Also, there is some 10% boost power for some character types like Mage. Speed up your farming capability and more.

Battle Effects


The battle effects are the visual effects or animations that are displayed when you do some certain action. An action can be a defeating enemy, regenerating HP, while using the character skills, and more. Also, Audio effects fall under this and will change hero to hero.

In MarJoTeCH PH app, we have added many battle effects that are most requested from our users. Take quick glance from below.

  • Recall
  • Emotes
  • Border
  • Spawn
  • Analog
  • Elimination
  • Background

Free ML Skins


It offers ML skins for all the character types and all you need to do is; you just unlock the hero first by using battle points (Gold Coins or Diamonds). Then go to our app and select the outfit and inject. In this way, you will get all items for free. Otherwise, it won’t work or visible.

Supports all type

  • Tank
  • Support
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Fighter
  • Assassin

The developer has added some really expensive skins in the category of Zodiac, Lightborn, Legends and More. Also, we recommend Squad Injector by Exodus gaming to get more expensive skins.


  • APK size is small and takes fewer resources. So you won’t feel any bloat.
  • No signup required to access MarJoTeCH PH tool.
  • A simple user interface to access all features from a single page.
  • Flawless injection method.
  • Antiban system added. So, you are safe.
  • Many recently released skins.
  • Frequent Updates.
  • Online server and this needs working internet connection.
  • Supports to the latest Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang!
  • Get access to premium skins.

How to install MarJoTeCH PH APK on Android?

Note: You should have already installed Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang! The latest version from Google Playstore before following this procedure.

Step 1. Go to our download page to get official MARJOTECH PH APK file.

Step 2. Now, It will start downloading to your device and you see the press if you drop down the status bar.

Step 3. Once you confirm that you have downloaded successfully, open any file manager app.

Step 4. Search for the APK file.

Step 5. Tap on the APK file, and here you will see the settings popup. Go to the settings and enable unknown sources option.

Step 6. Now, finally install MarJoTech PH APK on your android device by tapping the apk file.


Step 7. Open and enter the latest password that is given above.

How to use?

Step 1. Once you open after entering the Password, it will ask you to enable storage permissions.

Step 2. Now, you have landed in the home page where you can select the options.

Step 3. Select any feature. For suppose, Rank booster.


Step 4. Now, you have chance to toggle the switch from OFF state to On state.

Step 5. After selecting cheats that you want, go back and open Mobile Legends.

Final words:

As I told you above, MarJoTech PH APK is an all in one tool for Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang! game and must recommended for starter who want to win some battles against online opponents. This will increase their rank and also get some visual mods to appear cool in front of friends.

A very easy to use application and only available for android devices. For backups, you can use any of our tools like EZ Month Injector.

Thanks for visiting AG Injector Official site.

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