Syeka Gaming Injector APK 2.28 Download Latest with [Password]

Syeka Gaming Injector APK offers multiple features in a single android application which can be used to unlock features of Mobile Legends for free. The main aim of the developer is; one cannot pay for the cheats. Well, In this guide we are going to show you how you can download this ML Injector and also detailed installation procedure for the beginners.

Well, most of you play Mobile Legends in android devices and you might think about how you can get those awesome looking skins and various items available in the shop. It’s not simple when you want to get them by going in the traditional way direction and it needs a lot of patience to collect points or you need to spend real money on virtual things.

If you are kind of person who can’t afford such fancy material, then you are in the right place. With our Syeka Gaming Injector app, you can have various items for free by just tapping the inject button. This is completely safe because you are only injecting files locally rather than the online server.


What is Syeka Gaming Injector APK?

Syeka Gaming Injector APK is a thoroughly updating tool for Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang! and even it is working for the latest version of the game by Moonton. App has been made to unlock ML skins, Drone View in different scales, Turrets, Avatars, Battle Effects and more. Honestly, I see a few more features in this tool, and I would say options beast.

Many users of this injector especially love the animated characters that you can set in the loading screens and lobby backgrounds. Kind of fun when you add your favourite person or character in those places. Isn’t it? Okay, Some are Demon Slayer, Zero Two, Nezuko, Tanjirou, Zenetsu, Kurumi, and Naruto.

Well, Syeka Gaming Injector has developed a man behind this YouTube Channel and operated from his motherland Indonesia. I guess many of the Indonesians fell in love with this tool already. The app is great, and I haven’t faced any difficulties while using it and recommended one from our team.

Version Info

NameSyeka Injector
Size5 MB
Last Updated onApril 04, 2023

Download Syeka Injector APK Latest Version for Android

Luckily remove skin option is there for every item displayed in the Syeka Injector app. So, this will allows you to revert the changes that you made using our gaming tool. The best option and also can be removed other injector skins. What are you waiting for? Just click on the download button from below to try the tool for free.

Here is the password to open the tool and It will be updated for every new release. So, keep visiting our official blog for the valid one.

No Password

Unlock Premium Turrets


I would say this is the first injector app which offers Premium Turrets for free according to my knowledge. Of course, these are fantastic and you can unlock them by just tapping on the image. So, Feel the new look of the boring turrets and show off to your friends.

Currently, we have 6 turret different styles which you can able to use. In future, we can expect more from the developer. By the way, you can remove what you just unlocked withe backup option.

Maps & Drone View


There are different maps you can make use of and also options to zoom out the map with our exclusive Drone View tweak. Imperial, Western, Celestial maps are unlocked, and we have listed the subcategories of those too.

You can have drone view tweaks from 2xNormal to 7xNormal. So, your characters will look small and you can cover most of the land with your eye.

Unique ML Skins

Syeka Gaming Injector App only provided very special skins that no other injector in the market provide. Yes, you heard it right I see very unique material here and may be developer purchasing himself to add them on his tool.

Even, anime skins are here and these are the most loved items by the users. Supports all types such as Tank, Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Support and Mage.


  • APK size is small, and It uses an online server to fetch the files.
  • The app is password-protected, and this way, you can protect accidental openings from friends.
  • Super cool spawn effects such as Starlight, IMLEK, M1 Glory, Emerald Road, Party, Angel, Sword Master, and more.
  • Fix bug option lets you remove errors that are facing with Mobile Legends.
  • Handpicked eliminasi effects.
  • Analog effects are other major highlights in this Syeka Gaming Injector. With this option, you can see some models pictures as anlog controller skin.
  • All magic chess items are unlocked. Some are Helloween, Interstellar, and Map Catur.
  • You can find the best battle emotes.
  • Avatar borders and most of them are premia.
  • Easy injection method and backup for all Items.

How to Install Syeka Gaming Injector APK on Android?

Step 1. First, Go to our download page where you can get the final working download link of the APK file.

Step 2. Click on it and then tap on okay to start downloading.

Step 3. Once its done, open your file manager app and search for the APK file.

Step 4. Tap on the Syeka Gaming Injector APK and Install on your android.


Step 5. You might get the window which asks you to allow unknown sources. Allow it and do the work.

Step 6. Open and follow below procedure.

How to use tool?

Step 1. Open Syeka Gaming Injector app.

Step 2. Enter the password that we mentioned above.


Step 3. Click the Continue button.

Step 4. Now, it opens the main menu and there you can select any option.

Step 5. For suppose, Turret option.

Step 6. Click on the Turret image and inject the file.


Step 7. Now, you can have the same Turret in your gameplay.

Final Words

Okay, Syeka Gaming Injector APK is a thoroughly optimized android application which can be a great addition to your Mobile Legends game. With this, you can able to get some paid things for free, and one must try this app.

However, If you didn’t find any item on this injector, then you must check our other tools to get the desired thing.

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