Reborn iMOBA APK v2.34 Part 133 Download Latest

Reborn iMOBA is a menu application for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, in particular to the Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang! The app is designed by the Xplus Injector developer and he has done a fantastic job with respect to the user interface and vast collection of items. Now, with this article, you can get the New iMOBA APK latest Reborn version for free.

The game is basically designed to play two teams competing with each other to win on a preselected battlefield. Each team can fill members up to 5, so it is a 5v5 game. Well, on the other hand, the developers added an online store in which you can buy hero skins, and other materials to look cool as well as gain some powers. These can be purchased with the battle points you earned or from the real money from your pocket.

So, wealthy people can do whatever they want to achieve their objectives. But people like users cannot afford those things. However, if you are one of them, then you can feel free to use our anti-ban app called Reborn iMOBA on your android to unlock skins, emotes, battle effects and more.


What is Reborn iMOBA APK?

Reborn iMOBA APK is the latest working tool for the Mobile Legends game, which is only available for Android devices. One can easily download it to your android device for free of cost, and it comes with the trending features that are really required for every gamer. All scripts are packed into this app, and just users need to tap on the button to get cheats.

The developer will add new features in every new update and adjust the cheat codes according to the Mobile Legends seasons too. So, you don’t have to bother that this Reborn iMOBA app gonna outdated in the near future. Also, many users are afraid of losing their accounts since this app is a third-party tool.

But it comes with an anti-ban feature, and it will allow you to stay safe even if you use tweaks that actually cheat the game. The developer of the app is BANGMAMET from Indonesia, and he added a donate button. So, we request you to donate any possible amount to support the developer.

Version Info

NameNew iMOBA [Reborn]
Version2.34 Part 133
Size6 MB
Last updated onNovember 01, 2023

Download Reborn Reborn iMOBA APK Latest Version for Android

Reborn iMOBA 2022 edition is pure bliss to have on your device, along with the Mobile Legends. You can unlock all-new updated skins for your favourite character with sound effects. This is like a complete package without any costs included. Just download the latest official version from below now.

Advanced drone view


Drone view is the most unsafe feature in any patcher or ML injector, but here this advanced Drone View is something different. It allows you to view from up to 5x top vision and completely safe. We recommend you to use this feature only a few times a day even though it is an advanced codded tweak.

Also, better to remove the feature once you use it by clicking on the Delete ALL Drone option in the Reborn iMOBA app. You will find this feature at the top of the menu.

Battle Effects


Battle effects are primary items that everyone would want in the game. Because these gonna increase your joy while playing with your favourite controlled character. So, these can be normally obtained by purchasing from the Official store through diamonds. With this Reborn iMOBA app, you can easily active without any diamonds and all.

The sad thing is; you are the only one who can see these items on the screen. It just because we are just adding premium files without altering the original code in the server. So, no bans at all. But you are fulfilling the desire of unlocking the items.

  • Recall
  • Respawn
  • Notification
  • Elimination

More Menu


A separate section that offers more features. You can see this section bottom of the menu section, and it has a real potential since it houses Battle Emotes, Background themes, Custom intros, and custom maps.

Custom Intros

  • Evos
  • RRQ
  • ONIC
  • AURA
  • Alter EGO
  • AeroWOlf

ML Skins

Reborn iMOBA App equipped with top categorised Mobile Legend skins in all hero types. These include Elite, Star, EPIC, S19, Special, Zodiac, S5, S13, Collector, S4, S10, Lightborn, S2, Legend, M1, S6, Hero and more.

The best thing here is you can get the original sound effects along with the premium skins. So, you won’t feel any unpleasantness while controlling the character.

How to Install Reborn iMOBA APK Latest Version on Android?

Step 1. Okay, go to our download page and hit the green download button.

Step 2. Completely download to your android device. Better not to use Chrome browser as it store a cache of the pages.

Step 3. Go to file manager and tap on the Reborn iMOBA APK file.

Step 4. Install after allowing unknown sources.


Step 5. Open and follow the below procedure.

How to use app?

Step 1. Open the Reborn iMOBA App and allow the storage permissions.


Step 2. Choose the option in the main menu section. Now, you will be presented with the subcategories.

Step 3. Now, you can choose any file that you want to inject.

Step 4. Just click on it for example image of the Emote.

Step 5. It will download from the server and inject to your Mobile Legends local files.

Final Words

I would say Reborn iMOBA App is currently the best app even compared with some standard apps such as EZ Month. So, without any further doubt, you can feel free to test it out with the Mobile Legends game and have some premium ml skins for your character. Well, this the complete guide from our AGInjector team. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comment section. Thank you.

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