How to Inject Backup of All Tank Skins using AG Backup

Recently Aneh released an android application which is really useful to recover old default tank skins in Mobile Legends – Bang! Bang! This is a small application which is intended to restore outfits that were originally provided by the ML when you made a purchase with coins or diamonds.

Backup means here there is no injected skin with it you will only see the skins that come default once you perform this action. All skins will be removed that were injected by the ag Injector. It is more like a removal tool and but only for tank-type heroes. Moreover, there is a plan to extend its support to other types of characters.

List of Tank Characters


How to use AG Backup from Aneh Gaming?

There are simple steps involved in this procedure. Please follow them completely.

Step 1. At first, download AG Backup Android app from the below official link.

Step 2. Once it gets downloaded, go to the folder where it has been stored. Use any file manager app.

Step 3. Now, tap on the APK file and enable security permissions.

Security permission for installing APKs from other sources. It’s just a normal thing.

Step 4. Install AG backup APK on your android device.

Step 5. Open it and allow storage access. The app will only work flawlessly when you enable this permission otherwise it won’t.

Step 6. Once you did that, tap on the Tank title.

Step 7. Now, you will see the available SKIN Backups that can be used to restore.


Step 8. Tap on your required one and finally inject it.

Step 10. That’s it. It will inject the files to the folder of Mobile Legends.

Also, all tank skins as well other skins backups available in the EZ Hunter FC app that was developed by my friend and you can download it from here. So that, you can restore default skins whenever you want.

What is Tank Type Hero?

The Tank is one type of character in Mobile Legends game that posses high health point and defence skills. This hero should take first place in combat and support the remaining chars like Fighters or Assassin or mage or marksman.

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