Papskie Injector APK v1.3 Download Latest [MLBB] 2023

Are you looking for a new update from the developers of the great tool? If yes, you are lucky to download the all-new app. Recently, we have tied up with the developer of the Papskie Injector App, which allows users to get awesome features including Drone View, ML Skins and more. In this article, we are going to give you complete details of the Injector.

So, please consider reading it and understand it from the roots.


What is Papskie Injector APK?

Papskie Injector APK is the latest and updated app for the Mobile Legends android game. This app has been developed by the YouTube creator named Richmond Francia Pascua in his free time. He is very passionate to make this kinda android application. However, he took a lot of inspiration from fellow MLBB patcher makers, including MarJo.

So, what this new tool will do for us if we have Mobile Legends? This is the question running everyone’s mind to understand it deeply. Okay, this app offers tons of customisations to existing MLBB and also unlocks paid times such as emotes, maps, backgrounds, and skin to skin.

Also, some cheats are there to tweak the standard options, which will be discussed in the features section below. I hope you read them.

Version Info

NamePapskie Injector
DeveloperRichmond Francia Pascua
Size15 MB
Last updatedJanuary 01, 2023

Download Papskie Injector APK Latest Version for Android

Papskie Injector is one of the best third-party android modification tools for Mobile Legends when it comes to the updates provided by the developer. Also, this tool is completely up to date with the changes made by the Moonton. So, you won’t get any errors while using it.

Surprisingly it supports the Android 11 operation system. I am assured that we will support the new upcoming android version too.

Download the new APK file from below.

Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin is a new concept to provide some premium skins. The main thing behind it is you have that particular skin to get a new one. It is more like swapping with existing ones. With this method, one can have all Skills, Audio, and Graphics that come with the original version.

Below are the currently mentioned options in the application.

  • Elite to Collector (Gusion)
  • Starlight to KOF (Gusion)
  • Special to Legend (Gusion)
  • Normal to Collector (Gusion)
  • Elite to Epic (Chou)
  • Starlight to KOF (Chou)
  • Normal to Stun (Chou)
  • Normal to Collector (Granger)
  • Sytarlight to Epic (Lancelot)
  • Normal to Hero (Lancelot)
  • Elite to Epic (Aldous)
  • Elite to M1 (Aldous)
  • Elite to Starlight (Aldous)

You just need to tap the icon you want before opening Mobile Legends. It starts injecting into the database of the game. Open and play.

Drone View


The Drone View option is not new to many gamers around. But I want to explain it to the newcomers. Basically, It amplifies the view that you are playing. That means you can fully view the Map and easily find the enemies because you have a magnifying scene.

You can choose from 1×2, 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, 5×6, 6×7, 7×8, 8×9, 9×10 magnifications.

What is special about this Papskie Injector is; it also offers a 3D drone view.



There are some cheats available in this injector that can be used for free but with caution. Enable cheats might trigger the banning system of Mobile Legends game servers. However, you can use them occasionally to be in the safe zone.

Overusing them might cause an issue to your Moonton account for sure. I hope you use them wisely.

Available cheats are

  • Top Global
  • Ultra Graphics Mode
  • Auto Mythic
  • Enemy Lag

Note: please enable the Android 11 option if you use the Android 11 operation system.


  • Anime Skins for Chou, Sun, Wanwan, Guinevere, Gusion, Fanny, and Dyroth. More will be added soon. We request to update the Papskie Injector from this official page.
  • Emotes are fun. Isn’t it? Tons of emotes are ready to inject, and you can use them to communicate with others while playing.
    • Chou Stun, Selena Stun, Yamette Kudasai, Execration, Laus, Love Ya, Hatena, KOF and more.
  • Analogs for K, Cosmic, Terminator, Agentz, Gord Legend, Dyroth Kof, Cyclops, Muay Thai, Argus, and Obsidian Blade.
  • Unlocked spawns are M1 Glory, M1 Champian, Arrival of the Sword, thunder and Sky Guardian.
  • Recalls will improve your gaming experience. So, we are offering Seal of Anvel, Party King, Lightborn Soul, Fire crown, Seal Eternal, Bren Esports and more.
  • Custom elimination effects offer KO, Time to Celebrate, Super Kill, thunder Strikes, and Sword Elimination.
  • Tons of Skins for all Heroes.

How to install Papskie Injector app on Android?

Step 1. Make sure, you have installed Mobile legends latest version from Google playstore.

Step 2. Uninstall Papskie Injector old version if you already have. Sometimes it will conflict with the new one.

Step 3. Now, Download the latest APK file from the download page.

Step 4. Once you successfully downloaded the file. Then, navigate to the file with the File Manager.

Step 5. Tap on the Papskie Injector APK file and Install on your android device.


Step 6. Open it and choose the options, and unlocks skins that you like.

Step 7. Inject it and use it on Mobile Legends.


We personally prefer this MLBB Skin Injector for unlocking skins of favourite hero characters. Yes, there are tons of paid skins for free in this app. We hope you guys utilise Papskie Injector in the correct way to get Maximm out of it.

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