DL Gaming Injector APK v12 Download Latest (Password Added)

Many injectors usually stop working when Mobile Legends got the update especially when developers upgraded the game to the new season. Here, we are always trying to give the best tool based on the working status, and here we came up with the new android application named DL Gaming Injector APK, and it is well optimised to the latest season too. So, what are you waiting for? Get the tool from below.

I know many people, even my friends struggling to improve their rank on Mobile Legends. For those people, you can easily recommend this anti-ban tools which help them to achieve their short goals in the game. Not only rank booster feature is special here, but also one can improve their visual presence by applying various unlocked premium skins.

DL Gaming Injector app is coming with the complete package of features that a gamer really want. I hope you like this application after using it, and if you have any concerns about this app, you can simply check our tool section for most popular stuff.


What is DL Gaming Injector APK?

DL Gaming Injector App is a mixture of MarjoTech PH and EZ Hunter FC. Yes, seems like the developer inspired many features from those two. Anyway, Perfect solution for those who want to get paid things for free. It offers exclusive content such as Skins, Recalls, Battle Effects, Eliminasi Effects, Rank Boosting options, Drone View and much more.

It is developed by Philippines developer, and he usually posts content on YouTube for just passion sake. The guy behind it wants to be anonymous, and that is why he did not mention his original name in any social channels. Well, Who cares about his name 😆 All we want is just reliable features for Mobile Legends game to have some fun. Isn’t it?

I can say that this DL Gaming Injector is a perfect competitor to the EZ Month as both the injector have almost similar features and items. So, choosing between them is your personal choice, and we recommend DL Injector because it is not a popular one yet. That means we have fewer chances to be caught by the Moonton.

Version info

NameDL Gaming Injector
Size10 MB
Updated onDecember 30, 2020

Download DL Gaming Injector APK Latest Version for Android

The best thing I noticed here in this DL gaming Injector is; the developer always trying to tell us what’s new in the update. Yes, you will be notified with popup window when there are new things that have been developed. So, you can easily get them by just tapping on the inject button.

Another thing, We here only provide official builds by taking original APK files directly from the developer. So, get updates from this page.

No Password

Don’t enter anything. Just click open button.

Note: Look guys, We update working password here which exactly lies above the download button. Kindly check before downloading the actual APK file.


Unlock skins for ML Heroes for free. Now, You can Unlock Skins of Tank, Marksman, Mage, Support, Fighter and Assassin.

Drone View for viewing the maximum map. It supports up to 10x, and you can select any value from 2x to 10x.

Select various recall effects from the handpicked selection of the developer. The unlocking process is simple and effective.

Battle Emotes is a great way of messaging to your friends while playing with tough opponents. Just pick the emote from the Injector and use it in the live game.

Custom analog allows you to decorate the gaming screen. With DL Gaming Injector, you can have some really cool custom made analog skins.

Background images can be applied to the home screen, lobby screen and your profile screen. You might see your favourite anime character wallpaper here along with the premium stuff.

Eliminate Effects, and Spawn Effects are updated with the new items.

Rank Booster

Fortunately, we can easily win the game if we use the rank booster feature perfectly. Under this feature, you will find some really good and safe options. Those are specially added for noob player who is actually beginners.

  • Auto win 60%
  • Jungle fast 40%
  • Increase the damage up to 45%
  • Team pro 75%
  • Lag your enemies by 30%
  • Enemy feeding 20%

Above mentioned options can be turned on manually before you starting the game.

More Awesome Features

  • DL Gaming Injector APK size is small.
  • The online server for providing the tweaking files.
  • Internet data is required to operate the application.
  • The injection method is effective.
  • The dark user interface makes your eyes strain-free.
  • New skins and features on every update.
  • Changelog will be displayed once you open new version.
  • Backups for all files.

How to Install DL Gaming Injector APK on Android?

Step 1. To install DL Gaming Injector APK on your android device, one must allow unknown sources option. This is a security setting and need to be allowed when you try to install APK’s. Don’t worry it won’t harm your device.

Step 2. Download Latest APK file from this page and then wait until it gets downloaded completely.

Step 3. Open any file manager application and find the APK file.

Step 4. Tap on the DL Gaming Injector APK and then allow unknown sources option.

install dl gaming injector apk on android

Step 5. Install on your android.

Step 6. Open and allow storage permission.

How to open tool with password?

Step 1. Open the app.

Step 2. Copy the working password from the above and paste into the password field.

Step 3. Click on the Enter button.

Step 4. If you enter correct password, then only apps allows you to access the features.

enter password and open tool

Step 5. Pick any feature from the main menu.

Step 6. Inject the skin or emote or drone view or any other option.

Step 7. Open Mobile Legends and use the feature you unlocked.

Final Words

DL Gaming Injector App is an amazing tool for those who want to get high rank by defeating all opponents online. This will surely increase the rank and get you battle points to unlock more ML Heroes. This is a detailed article, and I hope you don’t have any doubts regarding this tool. Also, we request you to visit the official YouTube channel for feature requests.

Still, If you have any, then please comment below. We will try to answer you ASAP.

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