X.BORG Best Item Build

Playing Mobile Legends over and over again doesn’t give you sufficient experience to be called a pro among the greats. It all has to do with research and proper training. By research I mean, you would have to be familiar with all the positive and negative traits of the characters that you choose to handle most in the game. Studying these heroes and training with them can help you achieve success and victory every time you enter a battlefield against your opponents online.


Who is X.Borg?

X.Borg is a true Mobile Legend fighter with the spirit of a hero and true warrior. Unlike other fighters who mainly rely on melee for their battles, X.Borg has a long-range attack ability that makes him one of the most dangerous fighters in the game. To be an expert at using this hero, you first need to be familiar with his traits and work on them more often.

Skins of X.Borg are also super aesthetic which are very cool in look. Many users are likely to get them by paying hefty amount of gold coins but we have share some ways to get free skins.


  • Strong endurance that allows him to last longer on the battlefield and survive intense war zones much longer than other fighters.
  • Continuous regeneration ability that makes him hard to kill in battle.
  • Impressive skill with AoE as well as massive Burst true damage


  • Locking targets on your opponents can be difficult.
  • Low crowd control effect even though he’s a fighter.
  • His ultimate skills can prove dangerous if misused.

The Best Item Build for X.Borg

BloodLust AxeBloodLust Axe
Warrior bootsWarrior boots
Blade of DespairBlade of Despair
The Queens WingsThe Queens Wings
Athenas shieldAthenas shield
Glowing wandGlowing wand

X.Borg has an incredible item build and it includes:

  • Blood Lust Axe

His first skill is suitable for this item because it inflicts massive damage to enemies in a wide area. This allows him to spell-vamp lots of HP while giving him a cooldown reduction.

  • Warrior boots

These magical boots allow X.Borg to gain some physical defense and, therefore, survive longer when in battle when taking enemy fire.

  • Blade of Despair

It gives X.Borg an increase in his physical attack, and movement speed. The main advantage of this item comes from its passive ability that allows X.Borg to increase his physical damage and deal a fatal blow on enemies with below 50% health.

  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen/ Queen’s Wings

The cooldown reduction is increased as well as HP, and physical attack. Its passive ability allows X.Borg to reduce the damage taken by 50% when his HP drops to about 40% giving him a better survival chance when he uses his Firaga Armor.

  • Athena’s shield

X.Borg is known to be survivor because of his Firaga Armor that regenerates every time it takes damage making him vulnerable without it. The Athena’s shield gives him a shield after every 30 seconds in battle.

  • Glowing Wand

It allows him to add some burn effects with his flames that penetrates enemies for about 3 seconds.

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