Top 5 Mobile Legends Heroes to Buy

Top 5 Mobile Legends Heroes to Buy

The popularity of the Mobile Legends is improving day by day due to its MOBA style method and also the characters are the main asset to the game. These look aesthetic and users can easily fall in love with them because they have some seriously good looking outfits to engage users while playing it.

The online game has pretty decent modes which really matters in the user community and a lot of YouTubers are providing gameplays tips and tricks. Even, we also have a YouTube channel where you can find giveaways of skins of the characters of the mobile legends – bang! bang!

To improve your game, you must buy characters from their store, and that give you skill and opportunities to defeat the enemy team. More you upgrade and the more chances you could win the game. So, ultimately you should purchase to win the game and also the IMLS app helps in this case to save money.

So, What characters you should purchase to improve your solo rank. Well, below we have listed out some heroes to ace your gameplay.

5. Hayabusa


Hayabusa is a legendary hero character in mobile legends and has some good skills such as Damage, Mobility and Low CD. These are the good parameters to get Kills and when we talk about the special ability. He has split pushing that can make the enemy ragequit.

Roaming around the opponent team fastly and make a quick kill. Escaping from then is a piece of cake like a ninja. What else do you need to get a quick win? Shadowkillus is another ability to shot opponents. To be honest, he doesn’t need ult to defeat a squishy hero, his 1st skill can do it.

A beginner can utilise Hayabusa in a perfect manner and no need experience. But must handle analag fastly. I have been using Hayabusa for a while and great hero to be listed here.

4. Gusion


Gusion is the top hero to get the Solo rank in Mobile Legends. His abilities are insane and can easily carry your team towards the victory. In fact, he is one of the strongest characters and impossible to defeat this OP hero when controlled by a pro player.

Can make high burst damage with the Holy blade that why many call him King of Comboz. One thing is, ult can reset the cooldown of his skills. This means he can use his skills more than one time when the ultimate skill into the picture.

However, Mastering a Guision is little hard and once you do that, no one will beat you. Time to start using Gusion if you want to master the char.

Read our the best item builds for gusion to get most out of this assassin and mage hero

3. Lunox


The best mage if you want to pick mage for your next game and of course she is beautiful. She can do wonders if you follow the best item build method from the internet or any other from a trusted source. Unique passive is just so OP that makes very difficult to oppose/counter.

She can hide without being killed due to the ultimate lite form skill. Meanwhile, the dark form makes 3rd skill cooldown free.

Even. you can defeat tanks with Lunox when you add magical lifesteal. So, this female hero is best for solo rank.

Buy now Lunox hero in the Mobile Legends store and unlock skins using our AG Injector android app for free.

2. Grock


Don’t get surprised buddies, he has a great ability to be listed here. OP tank has hidden powers and you will only get to know when you master it. Despite being a tank, his ultimate power to make high damage to the opponents. It also increases movement speed while charging.

The free shield allows Grock to protect himself when he enters near to the torrets. So, you can easily destroy the enemy torrets quickly.

Block enemies from coming in or out with his second skill and that creates a chance to defeat them. So, this is how Grock can change the outcome of the team fight.

He can be used to distract the enemies in the early game and prevent them from farming. So, winning chances are high when you opt Grock in the team fight and not great for solo rank.

1. Chou


Chou is the number one guy in our list and you should buy in mobile legends right now. This hero character is the king of fighters and great in getting solo rank. And he brings late bruce lee in my mind when I see how he moved and might be this character inspired by the real fighter I think.

It is almost impossible to defeat the Chou when this hero is controlled by some pro player. With skils he has, can counter many OP meta heroes such as Selena, Ling, Hayabusa, and Aldos.

Ultimate power is very deadly and with that, he can easily push the enemies to any destination. Acts as Tank as well as Fighter/Assassin based on the item build you made.

For SOLO rank you better to build damage centric to get most out of Chou.

Chou is the must-buy character in mobile legends – bang! bang!

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