Top 10 Meta Heroes for Solo Rank (2022 Edition)

Meta heroes can be anyone from the type of Character in Mobile Legends – Bang! Bang! Such as Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Fighter, Mage, and Support. As per the online communities, META is an acronym and, it abbreviated as Most Effective Tactics Available. There is no official statement about this.

How can one say that the character is a META? The answer is, Influencers or streamers or popular players dictate that this character is meta on the basis of buffs and nerfs. Many players follow them and decide that character is the one we are looking for.

But the reality is it might or might not work for you in the same way they show to you. Because every game is different and your teammates are going to be changed unless you have a standard team.

These heroes come up in rising due to the patch release and, that may be changed in next patch release. So, META heroes are not permanent and will change in every update.


But here on this page, we sorted out some of them and likely to last long and can be helpful to give you Solo Rank.



Masha is a strong fighter with the insane skills equipped. Her attack is advantageous here to trounce the enemies. Three life bars which are showing on top of the character is a special one and representing that this Masha is unique among the other fighters.

She has the ability to push torrets very fast, and because of this, many players call her Torret pusher. Marksman won’t be sustained in front of her since she ceases their basic attack upfront. So, it is impossible to escape from here once she is attacking you.

Very helpful in farming and killing lord. So, team can get most out of this Masha.



Pharsa is superior powered mage and her damage skill is the ultimate one to defeat. Fourth skill is speed and it helps her to roam around the whole map quickly. Find out the enemy dens and communicate with the allies.

She doesn’t even need full build to deal extremely high damage if you have two core items since she is OP already. Utilise First and second skill to beat the enemy and make them realise that you are strong enough to defeat.

If you are looking to play with the mages, then Masha is the one which you can ace in any game and can be a backbone for your team. It improves solo rank a lot and checks out some skins too. Those were too aesthetic.



Helcurt is an assassin type hero, and we can say the king of a sneak attack. He can able to defeat the opponent without leaving a clue. That means they can jump out of nowhere all of sudden and finish the opponent efficiently. Deadly assassin Indeed.

Helcurt can also be able to stop the mages and marksman from farming around the map. Good speed let him chase rivals with ease. That does means, escaping is a piece of cake.

However, you have a chance to get free assists which allows you to gain more gold coins. Squishy heroes, just beware against the Helcurt otherwise, you will be killed in one shot.



Claude is a super-strong marksman and usually nerfed many times. Although he is nerfing every time, still got a place in our meta heroes for solo rank list. Speciality is attacking speed and that burst down the enemies.

As like the Helcurt, Claude also escape and chase down the opponents due to his second skill. But my favourite part when it comes to Claude is passive. You can get this passive stacks by using first skill and then stacks gives you attack speed and movement speed.

The best marksman for defeating enemies without a doubt.



NaNa is a super-powerful mage hero in mobile legends female heroes and banned in almost every single high-rank game. Because she is ferocious mage since her Molina skill capable of killing opponents. There is no way to escape if you don’t have immune or purify skill.

Her crowd control technique allows you to play as both mage and support. Crazy magic damage is beneficial to the team because after she applied to the enemies, teammates can easily defeat the particular opponent.

NaNa basically has immortality because if she dies, then her passive comes into the picture. So, she can survive again by escaping from the situation and apply recall.



Jawhead is a difficult fighter to be defeated and has special skill that is called crowd control (CC). You don’t expect that much burst damage like other fighter but can be capable of annoying enemies. Jawhead has the ability to throw teammates and enemies around but most of the players are trolls.

He is underrated for the low ranks, but Jawhead is a tough fighter in high elo. Easy to use for beginners and overall a decent meta hero.



Granger is a unique marksman mainly depends on skill rather than the basic attack that every other marksman follows. The first skill has an insane amount of damage power and, that is enough for the one-shot kill for some squishy heroes.

The main source of the Granger is damage as we already have discussed but, that doesn’t mean his basic attack is strong. It can also give value when we use correctly and, the drawback is speed.

Honestly saying he doesn’t need attack speed as he already overpowered with the skills. Another thing that makes his OP is passive, and the seventh bullet creates critical damage.

Use ultimate to kill escaping enemies with the unstoppable granger.



Ling is a ruthless assassin in the mobile legends and has awesome skins available in AG Injector library. The popular character which shows insane and critical damage kills. First skill helps him to roam around the map rapidly and also create a possible way to the teammates.

Ultimate can be used to immune enemies skills and stop second skill to get a cooldown. This is why he gets banned in every single game just because he is OP.



Badang is the strongest fighter in the mobile legends game if you can build in such a way. He won’t step back even there is a group of enemies combating against him. Looks like a short-ranged moskov with the ability to trap and kill them mercilessly.

The first skill is just used to poke them and knocking them back. After that, you should apply second skill to destroy them completely. This is the deadly combo that every player needs while using Badang in their game.

This guy doesn’t give chances to the opponent to escape, and hopelessly they surrender.

Badang is the best fit to improve the solo rank and has the ability to turn team fight upside down.



Chou is the deadliest fighter in the mobile legends who has crazy damage, Crowd Control, Mobility and sustainability. These parameter makes him one of the unstoppable hero in the mobile legends and got a place in our must buy heroes list.

The perfect combo is only with the pro player or the player only mastered in Chou controls. Then there is no possibility to escape in the eyes of the Chou controller, and the opponent might regret joining the match.

Chou can be used as both tank and fighter. It all depends on which item build you used. But fighter is the best fit for gaining solo rank.

His second skill can immune to the most dangerous skills of Nana’s Molina, Jhonson’s Ultimate and Lolita’s Ultimate. Now, you can understand how deadly he is.

As said earlier, chou is unstoppable when you master it, but mastering is a little hard. Once you are done with that, you can beat other meta heroes such as Fanny and Gusion.

The best OP hero to improve solo rank.

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