Lunox Best Item Builds (2022 Edition)


Mobile Legends has become a game of the people growing in popularity because of its exciting gameplay. There are hundreds of characters available for any player to learn, train, and take to battle with against their enemies and climb the ranks until they get to the ultimate level.

To perfect a certain hero, one would not only have to learn about their perks, but also get to know their weaknesses. This would help any gamer better understand how to perfect a hero in Mobile Legends as well as how to overcome their weaknesses and use them to their advantage.

Today, we shall be discussing about Lunox, one of the most ancient female heros and powerful mages to ever grace the game.

About Lunox Hero.

Lunox is a beautiful Mage also known as the Twilight Goddess. She is one of the strongest mages in the game Mobile Legends and is even considered more powerful than some higher ranked mages. However, she has lost all reality and, thus, has a dark and light side which can be difficult to manage unless you train yourself to adapt to her abilities. Once you get the perfect grasp of her powers, you would be able to defeat many of the top-elo players with their own exceptional characters.


Lunox possesses 2 forms known as light and chaos. She comes with a few pros of which you can use to your benefit and they include:

  • Dreamland Twist (Passive)

She is not affected by CD reduction because while Brilliance increases her defense, Darkness would increase her damage.

  • Order and Chaos

Unlike other heroes whose powers reduce when used, Lunox only grows stronger every time she uses her powers. Using the magic of order gains her Brilliance while the power of chaos gains her Darkness.

  • Insane Damage

She is known as the tank killer because of her burst damage capable of tearing a tank to shreds.

  • Life steal

With one shot, she is capable of stealing her opponent’s life and replenishing hers by a substantial amount.

  • Cooldown effects

While most heroes’ skills are slowed down by cooldown, Lunox isn’t affected by it but instead, it gives her bonus magic penetration and resistance in chaos and light forms respectively.


As much as she possesses amazing abilities and skills, she also comes with limitations.

  • She is fairly hard to master.
  • She has an average ban rate throughout epic to mythic ranks preventing you from using her in every game.
  • She requires significant amounts of manna

The best Item Builds for Lunox

Here below we have mentioned some the best item builds for Lunox.

Insane damage Build

demon shoesDemon Shoes
Concentrated energyConcentrated energy
Holy crystalHoly crystal
Glowing wandGlowing wand
Divine GlaiveDivine Glaive
Winter TruncheonWinter Truncheon

Bruiser Build

demon shoesDemon Shoes
Clock of destinyClock of destiny
Necklace of duranceNecklace of Durance
Concentrated energyConcentrated energy
Winter TruncheonWinter Truncheon
Lightning Truncheon Lightning Truncheon

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