Ling Best Item Build (2022 Edition)

Games like Mobile Legends aren’t just a virtual world whereby you can control different characters whenever you want. Well, that’s possible, but you also tend to build a relationship with your most favourable player. Nurture them by upgrading their skills and train with them until you grasp their most affluent abilities for destroying your opponents.

Ling Best Item Build

About Ling

An assassin is one of the most dangerous characters you’d face both in the game and reality and Ling is of no exception. He is one of the best heroes with a high mobility rate and quick but silent skills deadly enough to swipe your opponents off the battlefield. However, for you to master the art of an assassin, you would need to be familiar with Ling’s characteristics.

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Hide and jump between walls

His unique mechanism allows him to jump from wall to wall and even hide in them to protect himself. This move allows him to monitor the situation from a safe position before engaging in the fight. 

Extremely deadly damage

His awesome weapon skills can activate critical damage late in the game while also having a low cooldown. 

Immune skill

This skill makes him immune from various attacks for a moment allowing him to escape when the condition of the battlefield is intense. 


Prone to CC 

He is vulnerable to crowd control and making him easily caught and killed in an instant by opponents. 

Depends on buffs

Unlike mana which drains at a slow rate, Ling uses energy systems that quickly run out especially when there is absence of buffs. 

Extremely soft

His thin blood makes him very soft and this puts Ling at a disadvantage especially when dealing with one-shot kill types. He would be killed in an instant with an accurate one-shot attack. 

The Best Item Build for Ling

Damage Build

Magic ShoesMagic Shoes
Raptor MacheteRaptor Machete
Endless battleEndless battle
Blade of DespairBlade of Despair
Blade of HeptaseasBlade of Heptaseas
Berserker FuryBerserker Fury

This focuses on increasing his damage; thus, enabling him to defeat most of his enemies in the game. 

  • Magic Shoes

Helps reduce cooldown and activate his second skill to deal more damage. 

  • Raptor Machete

Increases his assassin damage rate and effects on his opponents.

  • Endless battle

Uses second skill to enhance true damage from his passive skills and cause greater terror on enemies. 

  • Blade of Despair

Deals massive damage on one hit and especially if they have 50% or lower health status. 

  • Blade of Heptaseas

Activated when Ling jumps from a wall to surprise enemies dealing more damage in total. 

  • Berserker Fury 

Increases the basic and overall damage of Ling.

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