Harith Best Item Build

Playing Mobile Legends can be an exciting hobby and especially when you’ve gotten a grasp of some of the most powerful heroes. The experience might be a necessity for climbing ranks, but with the right character and their skills, it should be a walk in the park.

Today we discuss one of the most prominent ML heroes around called Harith and his unique item build that give him insane capabilities against foes.

Harith Best Item Build

Who is Harith?

He is one of the most powerful mages in the game with amazing skills and high damage. This is one of the characters that your enemies would find hard to kill because of his sick magic skills that overshadows many other mages in the field. To learn how to play this awesome hero, you first need to understand his pros and limits.


High mobility

Agility serves to be one of the main characteristics of Harith as it’s usually difficult for enemies t put a steady target on him.

Fantastic DPS Mage burst

With a combination of three complementary and stunning skills, Harith has a weapon of destruction allowing him to launch attacks without requiring a cooldown.

Good defensive skills

His passive skills provide him with resilience effects and a shield for survival against enemy attacks giving him that high opposing impact while defending himself sufficiently.  



As a mage, he cannot play alone and depends on the team because he is capable of dying quickly in case, he fails to escape opponent attacks.

Absence of a short one-shot damage burst

While his skills deal a lot of damage, he is reliant on combo attacks that may take time to finally deal a large impact.

Difficult to master the attack position

To attack with Harith one would have to keep the distance and this makes him difficult to control.

The Best Item Build for Harith

Magic ShoesMagic Shoes
Calamity reaperCalamity reaper
Fleeting timeFleeting time
Concentrated energyConcentrated energy
Divine GlaiveDivine Glaive
Holy crystalHoly crystal
  • Magic shoes

Reduces cooldown while increasing movement speed.

  • Calamity reaper

Increases power regeneration and reduces cooldown time.

  • Fleeting time

Increases magic power by a substantial amount while reducing cooldown.

  • Concentrated energy

Incredible magical life steal with a high HP increase as well as the magical power.

  • Divine Glaive

His unique magical penetration deals more damage on opponents while giving him more magic abilities.

  • Holy crystal

Magic attack damage is increased; thus, having a greater effect on the opponents while increasing his magical powers.

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