Gusion Best Item Builds

For every MOBA game, you are advised to find your most suitable character, build a team and take the time to learn and train your team’s abilities and this applies in the Mobile Legends game as well. This way, you would be at a better chance of knowing which character is suitable for handling tough situations that requires magic and others that need brawl over brains.


About Gusion

We all know how deadly an assassin can be and how powerful a mage can emerge. However, we also have magic-based mage assassins such as Gusion who is well-renowned attacks and kill streak that only impresses those who know how to use him well. Gusion is a tricky hero to master, but with the right training and accurate information on his characteristics, he could be a very valuable weapon.


  • Awesome initiating skill
  • Early game power strike
  • Impressive Burst Damage
  • Massie Stacking Damage


  • Challenging to cope up when behind
  • Most banned hero in draft pick
  • Too squishy for melee fights
  • A low teamwork presence

Gusion Item Build

Death strike Item Build

This gives Gusion a better survival rate that allows him to last longer on the battlefield. During team clashes, the death strike item build prevents him from dying easily and allows him to shine even more when attacking with his allies.

He may have the magic power and penetration to inflict massive damage on his opponents but he is also quite squishy and, therefore, needs you to be careful not to get crowd controlled or ambushed.

Clock of destinyClock of destiny
Arcane BootsArcane Boots
Glowing wandGlowing Wand
Fleeting timeFleeting time
Lightning TruncheonLightning Truncheon
Blood WingsBlood Wings

Cloak of Destiny

Increases magic power, HP, and Manna.

Arcane Boots

His movement speed is boosted significantly while his magic penetration is also raised.

Glowing Wand

Gusion’s magic power, HP, and movement speeds are all increased together with a unique passive scorch that burns enemies for 3 seconds.

Fleeting time

Cooldown reduction, and magic powers are increased.

Lightning Truncheon

Increased magic power, Mana, and cooldown reduction.

Blood Wings

His magic power and HP are increased substantially.

Enchanted Blade Item Build

Beast killer

Adds armor, increases magic resistance and deals more damage to monsters.

Concentrated Energy

Increased magic power, HP, and spell Vampirism.

Holy Crystal

Increased magic power and attack.

Mage Assassin Item Build

Rapid boots

Increases movement speed, but has a side effect of reducing it by a few seconds when damage is dealt.

Calamity reaper

Increases magic power, mana, mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Holy Crystal

Increases magic power and its attack damage.

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