9 The Best Ways to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

Using your characters’ special skills to annihilate your opponent is one of the best feelings in the game, but even better is doing all that in the coolest of skins they own. It is, therefore, every player’s dream to have all their hero’s skins and walk into every arena intimidating their challengers using only their clothing and winning the war before the battle even begins.

As such, one of the fastest known ways to get skins is by buying them using diamonds. However, this would require you to spend some of your cash. Why would you want to spend a single dime out of your credit card when you can get the skins for free? Therefore, there are several methods through which you can get your hero’s skins for free and the following are 9 of them.

The Best Ways to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

1. Lucky Spin and shop

Head over to the lucky spin section, and spin to get a chance of receiving a free skin. This is a lucky shot but even if you don’t succeed in getting the skin, there are many other rewards you can win like battle points, emblem fragments and even hero trial packs. You can even get a lucky gem fragment that can be used to redeem a skin from the lucky shop. There’s nothing to lose because, for every spin, you get a reward that’s worth claiming.

2. Join free giveaway events

Watching many mobile legends videos on YouTube or Facebook can get you free skins because there are certain streamers who tend to host skin/diamond giveaways. All you may be required to do is like and share the videos and even subscribe to their channel or sometimes, beat them in a 1v1 battle to get your free skin.

3. Skin fragments

These can be obtained from several simple activities like daily logins, the magic wheel, skin gift as well as the lucky treasure recharge. Fragment shop serve as an alternative type of currency and once you collect enough, you can get the type of skin you desire that has the same price tag as what you can offer.

4. Daily login rewards

Ensure you log in at least once a day every day to increase your chances. You can get skin fragments or tickets that can be used to collect skins. At the time you might even get skin trials on the seventh day of logging into the game.

5. In-game events

Be keen on the events in the game because some of them tend to give away free skins. As such, you should always do your best to log into the game every day and complete all the tasks given.

6. Bank up reward at season’s end

Always try to level up your rank in the game so that by the time the season ends, you have the Master rank and get a season exclusive skin at the end of the season.

7. Live streaming

If you think your gameplays are good enough and worthy of an audience, you can always walk into YouTube and broadcast your in-game skills. You might get a lot of viewers and some can even gift you diamonds that you can use to get your skins.

There are a number of YouTube content creators out there who are interested in streaming Mobile Legends gameplay and even we can’t know the exact number at all. Open the search bar and type favourite skin name with giveaway tag. That’s it, you would find one for sure.

8. Requesting gifts from friends

If you happen to have friends you know who own lots of in-game merchandise, you can ask them to gift you a skin or some skin fragments.

Kinda hard to ask your friends about this matter because they even love to have them. Try to ask them and if you succeed in that, you will get at least some collections.

9. AG Injector

Last but not least, the easiest and most efficient way to get free skins is to download AG Injector and unlock all the skins for free. It is developed by Aneh Gaming and you have to visit the official site to download on your android device.

It is so simple procedure you need to follow especially when you have an android device. Just install the application and open it to have beautiful outfits for your favourite characters.

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