Harith Best Item Build

Harith Best Item Build

Playing Mobile Legends can be an exciting hobby and especially when you’ve gotten a grasp of some of the most powerful heroes. The experience might be a necessity for climbing ranks, but with the right character and their skills, it should be a walk in the park. Today we discuss one of the most prominent … Read more

X.BORG Best Item Build


Playing Mobile Legends over and over again doesn’t give you sufficient experience to be called a pro among the greats. It all has to do with research and proper training. By research I mean, you would have to be familiar with all the positive and negative traits of the characters that you choose to handle … Read more

Ling Best Item Build (2022 Edition)

Ling Best Item Build

Games like Mobile Legends aren’t just a virtual world whereby you can control different characters whenever you want. Well, that’s possible, but you also tend to build a relationship with your most favourable player. Nurture them by upgrading their skills and train with them until you grasp their most affluent abilities for destroying your opponents. … Read more